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Reports & Publications

Reports & Publications

Report on Audit Quality Review (2017-18) – 07/07/2018

Technical Guide on Conducting Quality Review – 14/06/2018

Report on Audit Quality Review (2016-17) – 10/11/2017

Report on Audit Quality Review (2015-16) – 28/12/2016

Key Learnings: Summary of observations of the Technical Reviewers arising out of Quality Reviews conducted during 2012-2015 -29/01/2016.

A Report on Audit Quality Review Findings (2012-15) – 31/07/2015

Activity Report of QRB for the year 2012-13- corrigendum – 02/01/2014

Activity Report (2012-13) of the Board – 07/11/2013

In terms of Sec. 28B of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949, the Board is, inter alia, required to guide the members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to improve the quality of services and adherence to the various statutory and other regulatory requirements.

In view of the above and with a view to improving the quality of audit services in the country, the Board may bring out Reports & Publications in the context of the issues emanating, from time to time, as regards the role of auditors.